Think About Your Thoughts

Before I start off, I want to make something clear, I am not from here; it’s a small collaboration with , I’ll be giving something of my own knowledge for all of you.

See, I have my own website, that touches upon various topics similar to the ones here, I do hope you will be able to accept me, my name is Rihards, but if the name seems weird, you can just call me The Watcher or Watcher.

We often let our thoughts flow away, we let them go without looking into the direction of the waterfall.

Every thought appears as a single droplet of water and then disappears as quickly as it came; appear like a thought and flow away just as quickly.

What are the thoughts that make the being you are, if they constantly appear and disappear, what is the world if you are just a thought in the flow of time?

Live What You Think

Going to one thought from to the other, serving as an extension instead of a different side, not a single knife separates the simple illusion of disconnection.

Flowing Stream

As singular your thoughts might be, they are not some simple toys that can be put away for when you don’t want to play with them.

Every thought connects with each other, instead of you thinking many different thoughts, you are just noticing the change of the single flow of thought.

One thought leads to another, if you keep track of what you think, there’s a pattern that never breaks and is as simple as you want to see it.

It can be an infinity projected on a finite scale or it can be a simple stream changing colors as it goes past you.

You form your own understanding around you, the words you speak are the choices that you make, many of them are not made by you consciously.

You can communicate with this version of you, while most might think it’s just a simple state of your brain and reflects only on your body; it’s something that’s closer to your true self, serving as a link to you and yourself.

Individual Thoughts

You do still have thoughts that let you come to certain conclusions, most are automatic, your thought standing next to memories as two mirrors looking at each other.

Your memories are still the same thoughts that you always think, your thought doesn’t just get erased the instant when another is present.

Instead, they stay there indefinitely, various things are capable of dispersing them, but as you are normally you are able to bring out this thought back again.

But that’s possible only because all of them are connected, if it was infinite amount of thoughts you will not be able to find the one you want.

But as all of it is connected, you receive a chance to go down the stream and see for yourself to what you want.

Keeping this in your mind, there is no thing that you can call a memory, unless the process that you go through to get to this thought would be remembering and a single occasion of this action a memory.

One thing flows to another, leaving any understanding of borders behind, witness only the stairs that lead you to understand that this applies to everything above as well.

Think What You Live

Time flowing, each person just made of borders that disconnect from each other, follow this illusion of words and belief until you decide that it’s enough.

As Below, So Above

The time you see can be processed as the same flow that is within your own mind, the only differences is the scale and what it affects.

Something that looks like a simple answer is complicated by a simple person looking for truth; explain the lie that you live, the one you so cherish, put it down and look at yourself.

If we look down on time just as we did with the flow of thoughts, we can see the same system, each singular moment spread across evenly, making a connection with each other.

As we see it, it’s just a single stream going down, but the connection between each moment is like stairs under a waterfall- if you’re strong enough, you will be able to pass through.

Anything that is capable of seeing the true face of time can form it into something else, limit is not something that will apply to you when you understand and feel how it all truly is.


A singular being that doesn’t affect the lives of others, simply flows along- that’s what you may see, but really, you’re just like a thought, connected to the ones next to you.

Blur the border that you try so much to make, there is no gain from becoming one from the rest, it is not you.

Becoming a mindless beast is not the direction I’m pointing at, but the connection of each and every person.

You try to divide the thoughts in your head, the people around you and the moments you’re in, it’s enough putting yourself as just some other material left by a momentary creation.

Each cell of your body is connected, communicating with each other to form the beautiful being that you are; being a part of everyone else lets each other to fill themselves.

There is never true emptiness when there is connection between something, only when you go far above your head, there is a single item that stands there, completely alone, empty, nothing to be experienced.

Lifting Each Other

When being down there will be someone that will defeat any and every of your demons inside of your head, alone you will only get swallowed by what you fear the most.

Not a single thought in your head fades away on it’s own, because all of them stay together and complete each other, if a single one of them is missing, the rest will ensure to fill the one that is missing.

If as a person you are limited to what you can do, ask for help, don’t let yourself be alone or left alone with all of your emptiness.

But as a person who’s able to fill the holes of others, see whoever is in need of having their insecurities filled, all their weaknesses can be filled by all your strengths.

Mutually fill each other with something as simple as thoughts, flow of emotions or anything that allows this person feel as a whole.

You don’t need to open to each and every one, but don’t become just a simple individual, spread yourself for everyone to be able to live.

All of you deserve a chance to live as you want to, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are limits to what you should allow yourself to do.

Any harmful action to an individual is usually not something that will benefit to their minds.

Try to keep everything you have read here today as deep in your mind as you can, make as many thoughts as you can and connect yourself to everyone and everything around you.

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