The Play Of 5 Elements.

First of all i would like to apologize to all the readers for not posting regularly but i have been really busy since last week and it will go on for a month. I will try to atleast post 2 times every week. So, moving on lets have a look at the elements of creation.

Nature is essentially made up of 5 elements Akasha(Ether), Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These 5 elements are also known as ‘panchbhutas’.

According to sages and seers physical creation is just a play of 5 elements and as we are a part of the creation, these elements exists within us too.

Cycle starts from ether, when it gets compressed it becomes air, then when compressed further fire, then water and at last it becomes earth.

Knowing how the elements work helps us to know about ourselves more.

Our body is made up of 72 percent water, 12 percent earth, 4 percent fire , 6 percent air and 6 percent ether.

These 5 elements are always in motion in the universe and within us. If you eat food(earth), it gets recycled, same way water gets recycled, air is always going on, fire is in sync because of solar energy and ether is everywhere around us and generally balances itself, if other four are in sync.

When our body is not in sync with any of these elements, diseases occur. Dis-ease is nothing but absence of ease within us.



It is the element of muladhara or root chakra. It represents stability. Without proper base everything falls just like that. So it is necessary that we keep it in sync with the nature.

When in a balanced state, it induces a feeling of stability, peace and harmony. In human attributes, strengthening the Earth element enhances the strength of mind, steadfastness, determination and uninterrupted advancement towards a goal.

How to balance.

.Walk on grass or somewhere in nature bare foot feel the vibration and emotions as you walk. Show some reverence for it as it is a part of you.๐Ÿ™

. Meditate on the seed sound ‘Lam’ while thinking of earth for 5-10 mins everyday.



Water plays a very important role in our lives, as seventy two percent of our body is made up of water. Water represents our ability to connect and it has a great clensing quality that is why we feel so good after taking a bath. Water is related with swadisthana or sacral chakra.
When water is in a balanced state, it induces a spiritual and philosophical attitude to life. In attributes, Water is associated with the power of conceptualising new ideas, thoughts and healing energy. It also has an effect on emotions, feelings and intuition.

How to balance.

. Go near a lake or a river feel the flow it creates and how you feel. You can swim in water too.

. Drink water by charging it with a sweet emotion of love or happiness. Never drink the water from the hand of a person who gives it to you angrily or worried. Water has a great memory it changes its structure depending on how you react. Either you can make it nectar or poison.

. Meditate on seed sound ‘Vam’ while thinking about water for 5-10 mins daily.




Fire is a element which makes life happen within us. It represent the illumination and ability to burst through barriers. There are 5 types of fire within us digestive fire, reproductive fire, mental fire, heart fire and inner fire. It is the element of solar pexus or Manipura chakra.

When in a balanced state, Fire induces power, confidence, fame, recognition and money. The fire element is the element of love and all affairs of the heart. Fire represents our relationship to ourselves and to others.

Individuals with a balanced Fire element are often capable of clear, perceptive, and discriminating judgment. They can digest and synthesise large amounts of information. They can be extremely focused, working relentlessly towards their goals. They however, deliver their judgments in scathing attacks, and love to argue and win. They are articulate. Though Fire is one of the strongest elements, it is the hardest to balance.

How to balance.

. Go outside for a walk at the time of morning sunrise and evening senset. Sun rays are a great way to balance fire within you.

. In a dark room light a lamp in front of you, close your eyes and just breathe. Do the same while showing your back for some time.

. Meditate on the seed sound ‘Ram’ while thinking about the properties of fire for 5-10 mins daily.





Air is our most basic connection to life. It represents growth and ability to swift through things very easily as air only needs a small hole to get out. It doesn’t make a bang but just swift through blockages swiftly and joyfully. Air is the element of heart chakra.

While balancing the Air element, it is important to understand that each of us breathes the same air, even plants and animals. This makes it easier to connect to the thought that we are all one. That we are all the same, only our surroundings, upbringing and circumstances frame us.

Once you connect to this thought, you can easily connect with everyone and stop finding faults and imperfections in others. When the Air element is balanced, the mind is peaceful and controlled. By mastering the mind, you also gain the capacity to handle all other elements and use their energies to the beat advantage.

How to balance.

. Go out in nature breathe the fresh air near the plants away from all pollution.

. You can also do some breathing exercises in morning or evening, because the air is fresh and pure at that time.

. Meditate on the seed sound ‘Yam’ feeling the sensation created due to your breathing for 5-10 mins everyday.



Ether is the building block of all other element of all other elements. Do not confuse akasha with the space element. Space is nothing, but akasha is something though we cannot see it but it exists within space.

The element of akasha represents expansion and enhancement. When it is in a balanced state, it induces knowledge and awareness to understand new and creative ideas. The akasha element encompasses everything around us and influences the mind and the heart.

Enhancing this element helps you smoothly sync your energies with the Universal energies. It is the element of vissudhi or throat chakra.
Balancing the akasha element can in fact give you highest self-healing powers. You can heal from anything addictions, heartbreak to depression.

How to balance.

. See the night sky and now down while saying thank you from your heart.

.one way to control this element is by learning breath control or pranayama.

. Meditate on the seed sound ‘Ham’ or ‘Om’ while observing the sound and it vibrates within you. Do this for 5-10 mins everyday.

Remember that when meditating on elements, Either you can meditate on one element per day or you can meditate on all 5 same day but place a timer of same duration for all elements. I hope this post will deepen your understanding of the 5 elements of creation.


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