Wisdom Of The Sages.

Hello readers,

I decided to start this new series, which is focused on the drops of wisdom given by the different sages, mystics and the wise ones. I will post it every week once, so that it will help us all to grow as we move forward in our lives.

The posts will contain the teachings given by the sages and the wise ones in  form of stories, writings,conversation between the their disciples, their life experiences etc.

Enjoy reading as it takes you closer to your soul.

A Drop Of Wisdom By a Himalayan Master ‘Swami Rama’.


There is something within you that is neither your mind, your intellect or your desire, but that always tells you the truth and guides you, that wants you to be enlightened. The sages do not believe in any temple, church or in any particular path like that. They believe in looking within first, and counseling with one’s own conscience—asking yourself what to do. This is a very interesting process.

Once, when I lived with one of the sages, I had an interesting experience. There was no one but ourselves in the room, but I heard the sage talking with someone all night. It was amazing, and so in the morning I said to him, “Swamiji, you didn’t introduce me to your visitor last night. Why did you keep him a secret from me?”
He said, “There was no one with me, I assure you.” I asked, “Then with whom were you talking?” and he replied, “I talked to myself.”

I said, “In the Western world, if you talk to yourself, people will call you insane.”

He said, “No, this is a voluntary dialogue.” If you want to talk to yourself, talk to your conscience. You can talk to yourself when you are not afraid that anybody is listening and you can use a tape recorder. Later on you’ll hear that deep down within you there is one who answers very honestly, but you are not honest with that part of yourself. This is called “Self dialogue.”

Any teaching of any of the great scriptures or bibles is a teaching between the perfect and the person who wants to be perfect. When you learn to have an internal dialogue, that imperfect part of your mind lets out all its questions, and your conscience will reply again and again.

I repeatedly remember one statement of the Buddha:

“You have to light your own lamp. Nobody can give you salvation.”

That is true; when you become aware of that Reality, that there is a conscience within you, then your whole being can be directed. The course of your whole life can be directed by consulting your conscience. Then there is no division between you, within and without. Then you express yourself in exactly the way you feel. Or, you can knowingly keep a division, such as when you are acting in the world as an actor, but the division does not affect you within.

Either such a division should be voluntary, as when you decide, “I will keep my mind within, uninfluenced by my external activities and influences,” or you should decide that whatever you feel, you will express it outside yourself.

Only a sage can do that. But if a sage comes and does not say to you, “Hello, how are you?” you will reject him. Then you say, “Look at this rude person! He doesn’t even say hello.” But if that sage thinks “hello” is a useless word, why should he say it?

Conventional people are not like this. You don’t really want to smile, and yet you smile. Your gestures go against your inner desire. So the sages say, either you should learn to be a perfect actor, and act in the world so that this world does not affect you inside, or you should learn to express what you feel, no matter what happens.



Swami Vivekananda said once that if you try to express whatever you feel, the world will catch hold of you and put you in an asylum, because you are expressing what you feel. This world does not want that. The world believes it is speaking the truth, but the world has no power to hear the truth. The world talks about truth all the time. We all talk about truth, but nobody likes to hear the truth. The sages say, when you are not prepared to hear even the truth about yourself, then how are you prepared to know that truth which is omnipresent and omniscient?

Philosophizing about things is not going to help you. Be practical: either you should learn not to be affected by the external world, or you should learn to express yourself freely, no matter where they put you, whether they put you behind bars or somewhere on an isolated island.

That’s how the great sages, those fortunate few, isolated themselves, because they could not adjust to the world’s situation. Should they be honest with themselves or honest with others? Do you want me to be honest with you—to smile, to act loving, and do all that if I am in misery and feel that my whole life is being wasted? This misery of phoniness is taking over, and we feel terrible because our whole lives are being wasted. We should remain in God consciousness, in truth consciousness, all the time. Look at the conflict within and without; even in your longing for the highest purpose, you’ll find there are conflicts.

Excerpted from Dawn magazine, vol 9 no 1.                                                                                                                            pic credits – Google.feather-2781343_1280

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