The Mystical Moon.

Hello, reader’s how are you all? Have you all been feeling the energy shifts that happens due to the moon every day?

So what is the significance of the moon in our life? Like really logically thinking the moon is just a big round heap of a planet rotating around our planet right?🤔

Is it all there is to the moon? since ancient times moon has been considered of a great symbol for feminine quality. Let’s take an example.

In India, a child describes his mother as ‘meri Chand si maa‘ meaning my moonlike mother. Or when if a couple is in bit romantic mood, The guy says to his lover, I love you so much,’you are as beautiful as the moon’.

Why? They never say I love you cause you are as vibrant as the sun or something like that. It is because the very quality of the moon is love, ease, embrace, mystery, intoxication. If you get angry at night time, just go out and see the moon, your angriness will slowly fade away. It has a soothing effect on our system and it makes you calm.

The moon affects us and our planet in many ways as its phases changes. Especially, the things which contain water in it.

In the modern world, almost nobody is aware which moon phase it today? Maybe a sailor knows as he observes the tides rising and falling.

One way to know moon phase is seeing up in the sky or nowadays we can get information about it on the internet. Its okay, but there is also another way, it is to observe the body. As the moon phase changes so does the very chemistry of our body changes. If our mother was not in sync with the cycles of moon we would not be here.

The cycles of moon are deeply affects our system .Moon cycles can make you a roller coaster of emotions if you walk an unconscious path. 

You might have heard or seen that if someone is insane on full moon day or a new moon day, they become a little more insane that day. This is where the word lunatic comes from. Though modern people observed that a full moon makes a person more insane, But what they did not observe is that the full moon or new moon just enhances the quality or a state you are in. If you joyful you will become a little more joyful, if you are energetic you become a bit more energetic, if you are blissful you become more blissful and if you are meditative you become a bit more meditative.

Ancient people’s knew how it affects us and the energies around. So they made up practices according to that which will help us to grow. They used to involve in a ritual, maybe cast a small spell or simply meditation.

In yoga there is a practice called the moon salutation. It is practiced at the last of your yoga session to cool the system down whereas the sun salutation is practiced at the beginning to build up the energy in us. These practices makes you feel the sync between your body and the other celestial bodies. On the other hand it has also been used to honor these great celestial beings.

1. New Moon.


The new moon is the darkest day of the cycle, its the time to let go, rest, reflect and plant the seeds. A good time to let go of habits or things you don’t want in your life. If you want to leave smoking, drinking or simply you want to let go of your anger so you never get angry again, it is an perfect opportunity for you people. A good time to take a vow as nature will help you with it.

. Find a clean and cozy place. Make a space for yourself. Reflect on what emotions and habits you do not want.

Write every negative and toxic thing you do not want. Gaze at it and simply release the energy by burning up the paper, tearing it or drowning it in water.

Relax and rest, feel free from all the negativity. As old things go and make space for new things. Write down the qualities you want to build within you, keep the paper with you and be grateful to the moon. See the paper everyday so the mind and body get programmed to attract new things.

2. Full Moon.


The full moon day is an opportunity to rise. After the energy build’s up. It’s the time to harvest and enjoy the fruits for which you planted the seeds. In terms of energy new moon has more intensity but full moon has certain different kind of energy. A blossoming kind.

If you planted a seed for happiness, what you have to do is.

On the full moon day, when you wake up create the state of happiness the best way you can, whatever happens stay in the same state. At the night, stay sometime under the moonlight, in wide awareness. Feel the energy and happiness rising a bit more then what it was before.

Be grateful to the moon for helping you embrace the energy and emotion. Go inside and relax a bit, take a bath or maybe eat something. But whatever you do stay in the same state of embrace and enjoy the experience.

3. Waning and waxing.


These phases implies the state of motion.

After the new moon the waxing phases implies the growth of the seed you planted. This phase gives the strength and intensity to the seed which is to be grown. You might feel your energy rising day by day as you observe.

After you reach max illumination, the waning phase of the cycle implies the decrease of energy. It is a time to rest till the soil gets its fertility back.

At the new moon you can again plant a new seed and observe as it grows changing the chemistry of your body.

I just gave you all an overview on how moon effects our life. There are more mysteries to it. As it’s nature is mysterious.

Remember that the moon is just an enhancer of what you are, you still have to put effort. You can either ride the lunar energy or get crushed by it.

It’s better we learn to ride it as per my view. What you want to do? I leave the decision on you…






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