Spiritual Awakening: The Expansion Of Soul.

If you are going through an spiritual awakening or already had your spiritual awakening experience, you might know that its so hard to put it into words. 

Every spiritual experience is unique in itself and are not bound by the dimension of logic.

A spiritual experience can only be experienced, lived through and felt.

What is spiritual awakening ?


Awakenings are the beginning part of your spiritual path after you have been initiated by life.

when you plant a seed, the seed becomes a sprout , then it starts growing and one day a beautiful flower blooms.

So, what it means to have an spiritual awakening is that seed has sprouted, The boundaries with which the seed was protecting and deceiving itself has been broken. The boundaries for us might be our empty pursuit behind money, fame and power Or it might be finding the so called ‘perfect partner’. Relationships only work if both the persons make them work, you cannot find a perfect partner but you can make a perfect relationship.

People deceive themselves because somewhere deep they know they are being trapped by their own thoughts and illusions. When you have your first spiritual experience, All those illusions and lies starts to fall apart.

Your soul starts crying, seeing itself doing and repeating the same stupid things again and again. So it breaks the barriers and starts rising. You realize that you know nothing. You start seeking the answers. You start questioning the nature of your existence and finally ‘you sprout’.

What Causes The awakening ?

Awakening can happen either consciously or unconsciously, though conscious process is a considered faster way.

The seed just sprouts, there is no proper explanation as to why, But it just happens at the right moment. After the awakening your life takes a turn for good.

Spiritual awakening can be occurred by losing of a loved one, tragedies, traumas, illness, war, being too involved in something like art, dreams or there might be some other reason as life has its ways to knock on your door.

I still remember my awakening happened when i came home from school, i saw a Buddha statue in my home, i was going through tough times then. Seeing him raised a question in my mind that. Why cant i be so blissful like him. He was a human too but what did he explored that i am missing. Though the question was a stupid. But i am happy that it started the process.

The Process Of Transformation.


After life initiates your awakening you get confused as to what the hell is happening ? You start shedding your old skin, breaking your old thought patterns, Questioning your purpose of life, why am i here ? who am i ?.

The process can be very sad and depressing sometimes as your identity ‘ego’ becomes confused and doesn’t want to let go of old habits and becomes scared of what lies beyond. But going through this process is very important because otherwise we wont break the boundaries. If you want to transform you have to strive. It is the law of life, When a small bird flies for first time it has to go through all types of struggle to fly and getting stabled.

The duration of process is different for each person. It can be a week, month or even a year. Transformation takes place at all places of your being, physical, emotional, physiological and mental.

You might get sick have rashes, your appetite might reduce too much, your become more sensitive, you might starting hear a buzzing sound 24 hours, you might become depressed and will have extreme desire for solitude, you might even start crying seeing anything around you for no reason.

The symptoms are a result of energy shift happening in your being and it takes a while for you to get used to it. Spiritual awakening is a wonderful process but sometimes it might feel like a roller coaster, your whole world might turn upside down bouncing you back to states of loneliness and depression. People might think you are going nuts.

Just hang on there for a while, your life will get so much better after the period of transformation. Following are some of the symptoms that occur after you have gone through the awakening. 

. Seeing life through a new perception.

. Clarity will increase.

. You start feeling wonderful just being you and not what others want you to be.

. You feel connected to the nature and universe.

. Becoming peaceful by your very own nature.

. Good things might just happen out of nowhere and seeing repeated numbers like 11:11  as you are now in more sync with the universe.

. Having moments of thoughtlessness.

. Having more empathy for others.

. Being more sensitive to life around you.

. Thirst for knowledge and truth.

. Feeling that you are alive.

The changes awakening brings is quite noticeable and vary from person to person. Your life might seem like a play in which you are aware of your role. Remember you have just sprouted, enjoy the experience but don’t forget that you have to bloom 🙂

Feel free to share this post with people who you know are going through a spiritual awakening process.





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