A Higher Perspective On Love.

What is love ? or what it means to be in the state of love ? It is said that you cannot make love happen, it is true on one hand but, on the other hand you need to make necessary situations for love to happen otherwise it will not happen. Just as a farmer make necessary situation for the crops, like giving them water and manure, making sure they get enough sunlight, we need to make proper situations, so the love might bloom within us. But before that we must understand what love truly is ?

What is love is not ?

Unfortunetly, what most people call love is a transaction to fulfill their needs.bed-1822497_1280

A guy was sitting next to a random girl in a garden,  At background there was a beautiful sunset scene. The guy getting on his knee confess to the girl he loves her and the girl’s heart melts and she accept the confession. They both fall in love and have sex. After sometime, the guy got up and said i need to leave.

The girl gets shocked and says ‘but why, you just said that you love me’.

Then the guy leaves saying i got what i want now, i am going to find my new love.

This is what what most people think today love is. This is not love but our selfish desire to get something out of others maybe its pleasure or emotional stability. Normally relationship are made with frameworks, that are profitable to us. All of us has some physical, emotional, financial or social needs. Saying  ‘I love you’  is one of the best ways to fulfill those needs .

People go on deceiving themselves into believing that the relationships they have made for convenience and comfort are actually relationships of love. They might feel moments of love in it but, it is still not love in its deeper dimension.

What Love Is.affection-1867098_1920

Why is it always said that falling in love ? It is because you cannot rise in love, you can only fall in love because, It is like a endless pit where you keep falling deeper and deeper removing your ego and individuality. Love is a quality. Loving someone truly means, that you drop some part of you and maybe add a new part in you for the sake of your significant other. Being in love, means there is no you, Its about falling until there is no you left then Love becomes your inner nature.

Love in not claiming someone’s life as your own. Love is embracing the other. Love is not dying for someone, Love is living for them. Dying for someone means is of no importance, It will neither enhance your life nor it will enhance the life of others.

You can be in love with a person, an animal, a tree or a God it doesnt matter with what or who you are in love with. But being in the state of love 24/7 with it, makes you experience of what love trully is.

 Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.

                                                                                                                               – Rumi

Love is not something that you do with someone. It is not a thing happening between two persons, Love is a state which happens inside of you.

If someone falls with in love with someone or something, The person or a thing in which they fell in love with is just a means to create that emotion within you. They might not know that you love them but your whole world becomes colourful and beautiful. Now as a expression you will want to do something for them, maybe give them a flower or a gift or you want to sing a song for them or you might want to have sex with them to make them feel good. Having sex or giving a flower is not love it is just an expression, It means you are thankful towards the person that you are feeling this amazing.

The Basic Element of love.

The basic elements of love or what helps you to fall in love is attachment.

Attachment  –   Without attachment you cannot possibly fall in love, If you have no attachment with your husband or wife, or your dog, or a god you will be not able to love them. If someone you dont know dies you wont have much problem, But on the other hand, if someone you know dies you will get very sad. This is attachment.

If your are not attached to your favourite god. How will you make your emotional energy rise within yourself ? On one hand attachment helps us to come in the state of love for sometime but if you get too possessive about the person or the thing you will get stuck at the surface and the necessary transformation will not happen. The important thing is we must know how to channalize the energy and emotions in a right way and not get stuck with just attachment.

A Simple Practice On How To Experience The Essence Of Love.heart-2671879_1920

Everyday for 20-30 mins go near someone or something that you care about and sit beside them. For sometime just be near them and after sometime you will experience the emotion of love rising in you, observe this feeling rising as your emotions are becoming more sweeter. Try to be in this state as long as you can after some days you will notice some significant transformation withing yourself. A new dimenstion which was unknown to you will simply open up. 

Let us all keep practicing until Love becomes our inner nature.



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